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Behavioral and Digital Economics for Effective Management (UBFC)

logo UBFC couleurs fondtransparentA program to train future leaders and academics in economics and management to a high level of expertise in the intersection between management, behavioral tools and digital technologies.



  • Develop the skills to evaluate research findings and to relate them to practical applications and solutions.
  • Be able to identify and mobilize the relevant tools in an organizational and/or operational context.
  • Be able to identify and understand the data required and approaches necessary to uncover and support behavioral solutions to a problem.


The graduates will act in fonction such as global strategists, analysts in counselling companies, chiefs in marketing services, management consultants, government officials, economists in banks and financial organizations, human resources managers, etc.
They can also do a PhD in Economics or in Applied Economics and Management.


The BDEEM program is dedicated to French students from UBFC, as well as students from all over the world with a background in business, social sciences, anthropology, economics, finance, mathematics, engineering, political science, psychology, sociology, neuroscience, computer science or other integrated programs.


Applicants must follow the instructions on the website:
Amongst others, they should hold a Bachelor’s Degree or Licence (180 ECTS) in science (mathematics, computer science, engineering, statistics and data analysis etc…), in economics and management, or other human sciences.

The application file must include:

  • A detailed CV
  • Diplomas with individual marks in different studied courses
  • A cover letter and possibly a recommendation letter



The BDEEM pedagogical approach emphasises connections with the corporate world (courses taught by professionals, mandatory work placements, consulting projects, etc). All course formats are highly interactive and will be partly conducted in close collaboration with companies.