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What is “IAE DIJON” ?

For over 60 years, IAE DIJON has been a teaching model in management. As a University School of Management, IAE DIJON offers to students and employees programs ranging from B.A. to PhD degrees.

Our greatest priority? YOUR success !

As an academic institution, IAE DIJON combines high-quality education and a permanent exchange with the real world of business, thereby enabling all our students to become genuine players on the professional field. The courses are taught by academics and trained professionals, providing the students with an extensive know-how whether it be in basic training, in-service training or even in work-linked training. The national diplomas we award are recognised in the real business world, they provide a key to success for our students throughout their professional life.

Setting up your own projects

The training courses offered in different areas of Management give a chance to every student to adapt the process to suit their projects, whether a professional project or a research training project (management, accounting, audit, finance, marketing, human resources…) A wide world of managerial skills opens its doors to you.

Internships and work-linked training: the keystone of our programs

The work experience periods within a company represent one of the foundations of education at IAE DIJON. Such experiences give the students the opportunity to shape their tools to the real business world and to confront classroom theory within the real context of the company.

An international career

IAE DIJON encourages students to study abroad mainly by means of programs such as ERASMUS. The IAE DIJON’s International relations department arranges several exchanges all around the world every year. A meaningful experience that should be acquired!


IAE DIJON is part of IAE FRANCE, which has 36 centres throughout the country. The strength of this network is the support of the academic world, which gives all the credibility to our programs. What is its particular feature? Its philosophy is set on a triple basis «teaching-research-business» enabling the association of academic excellence and professional development.

International Relations

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