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International Management and Sustainability (Global and Sustainable Management)

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New degree : opening in September 2024

The Master International Management and Sustainability (Global and Sustainable Management) is a program that provides specific managerial knowledge to handle environmental and societal transitions.

Classes are entirely taught in English and students have the opportunity to learn French language and civilization at the same time. Class size is purposely limited which makes courses very dialogue-driven, and all faculty members are accessible to participants.

Students coming from partner universities can follow just one semester of the program.
The second semester of the M2 has two options :

  • Professional internship (a 6 months internship in a company in France or abroad).
  • Research (a research dissertation and the option to continue as PhD student).


  • Understand the issues related to environmental and societal transitions and lead a global management strategy
  • Develop practical management skills for environmental and social transitions in organizations
  • Master the transversal and international vision of organizations to work in cross-cultural environment companies

Career outcomes

  • Students will find managerial positions in an international environment in the general fields of marketing, international economics, finance, human resources management.
  • Students who had followed the option research in sustainability could also enter directly a PhD-program after the Master Global and Sustainable Management.

Entry requirements

The Master Global and Sustainable Management is a two-year program dedicated to different profiles

  • International students who candidate for the 1st year of the Master or the second year. Prior studies will be examined and validated by a university Committee.
  • Students from French and European Universities, who hold a Bachelor degree (for the application in first year) or 240 ECTS (equivalent Master 1 for the application in Master 2) in business, social sciences, anthropology, economics, finance, mathematics, political science, psychology, sociology, computer science or other discipline.

How to apply ?

  • For students in exchange programs for one semester or one year: contact the coordinator of your Faculty.
  • For students looking for the Master’s degree: contact the administration. A curriculum vitae and an interview will be required.
  • For non-european students:

    Until December 31rst 2023 : apply on campus France 

    From February 12th to May 24th 2024: apply on ecandidat


  • Foundations of finance
  • Financial accounting
  • Management accounting
  • Strategy
  • International marketing
  • Introduction to economics
  • Human resources management and business ethics
  • French and civilization
  • Decision making – business game
  • Thesis preparation
  • Guest conferences
  • International economics and law
  • Performance management
  • Corporate finance
  • Economics for decision making
  • Geopolitics for business
  • Intercultural negociation
  • European business context
  • Project management
  • International information software
  • Business game
  • Management and organisation theories
  • French and civilization
  • Conferences / visits / projects Philosophy of sustainable business
  • Scientific issues : biodiversity and climate change
  • Philosophy of sustainable business
  • Impact finance and management control
  • Ethical gouvernance of global companies
  • Strategy for sustainable businesses
  • International climate change laws
  • Management behavior : psychology and sociology of
  • Diversity management : inclusion and social justice
  • Sustainable marketing and social culture of consumption
  • Organizing a conference with inspiring leaders
  • Communication project about sustainability (podcast)
  • Internship

Professionnal option

  • Professional report
  • Introduction to a research dissertation
  • Master thesis and defence

Research option

  • Qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Writing in academic english
  • Research thesis and defence in Dijon
  • Research seminar in sustainability 



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